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Cutting Applique Quilt Pieces with Your Cricut Maker

Featuring Measure Once, Cuss Twice: A New Wall Quilt Pattern by Tied With a Ribbon

This was such a fun (and funny) (and true!) wall quilt weekend project!

I pattern tested this mini wall quilt for Jemima at Tied with a Ribbon (pattern available This Friday, Oct 7, 2022) earlier this year.

This applique wall quilt has a lot of small pieces to cut, so I decided I'd try and use my severely neglected Cricut Maker machine to cut the pieces.

It actually worked really well, so I wanted to share the technique with any of you who also have a Cricut machine.

Gather Supplies

1. Measure Once, Cuss Twice Mini Quilt pattern from Tied with a Ribbon

2. Required Fabric (see pattern)

3. Fusible Interfacing: I used Mistyfuse because it is so thin, I knew the Cricut would have no trouble cutting through it. If you use another interfacing, cut a test piece first to make sure your Cricut blade can handle it.

4. Cricut Machine: I have a Cricut Maker - if you have a different model, your instructions may differ slightly, but the concepts are the same.

5. Cricut Rotary Blade: this cutting tip is specifically for cutting fabric.

6. Cricut FabricGrip Mat: this is the pink mat, specifically for cutting fabric.

Convert Files

As you probably know, your Cricut machine requires certain file types. The pattern you receive from Tied With a Ribbon is a PDF file, and you will need to convert it to a Cricut compatible file, such as an SVG or JPEG. There are online converters for SVG files, and if you have one you already use, that is probably the quickest way to go. If not, you can convert the file to a JPEG by following these steps:

  1. Download your PDF pattern and open it Adobe Acrobat.

  2. Save the pattern as a JPEG. This will save each page as a different JPEG image, which is what you want.

  3. Upload each JPEG with the lettering, rotary cutter or scissors, and measuring tape roll clip art to your Cricut Design Space.

  4. When you upload a JPEG it will prompt you to select an image type. Select "Simple." Click Continue.

  5. Remove the background by clicking on each area that is not part of the letters or clip art so that only the parts you want to cut remain. Click Apply and Continue.

  6. You will next receive the "Select Upload Type" prompt. Select "Cut Image" and click Upload.

Creating the Cricut Project

Create a project in Cricut Design Space as you usually would, uploading the newly created cut files. Use the 1" test square on each page to resize your cut file to the correct size. (see red square below)

Prepare Your Fabric

Apply the Mistyfuse according to the directions.

It is a good idea to have a teflon sheet or scrap fabric to sandwich your fabric and the Mistyfuse between before you iron, just so you don't get any stray Mistyfuse on your iron or ironing surface.

Cut your fabric with the bonded Mistyfuse to fit your Cricut FabricGrip Mat and place it on the Mat, right side up (Mistyfuse side to the Mat)

You are ready to cut!

Cutting Your Fabric

1. Click the Make It button.

2. Load the mat with your fabric.

3. Set Base Material by selecting Fabric - Cotton.

4. Select either Default or More pressure, depending on how fresh your blade is.

5. Load the Rotary Blade in Clamp B.

6. Press Go on your machine!

Weeding Your Cut

Once you have unloaded the Mat from the machine, weed your letters and clip art. Take care not to stretch them too much- the Mistyfuse still allows the fabric to stretch.

And now you can continue to follow the instructions in the pattern to finish your mini quilt!

I loved this project- a quick weekend make, and I have hung mine prominently in my studio as a sage reminder!

I hope this was helpful for you- I always love a chance to use new tools in my quilty endeavors!

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
18 oct. 2022

Thank you so much for the step by step instructions for the Cricuit machine. My heart loves quilts with words. I wish I had a machine to do this. I just might have to save to buy one, or find someone with one and pay them to do my letters. 🤣🤣❤️❤️

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