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Floria Quilt

Featuring Reverie by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society

One of the things I love most about quilt design is that inspiration can come from anywhere!

For this quilt, I was of course inspired by this beautiful bundle of Ruby Star Society fabric I received as a Ruby Star Maker: this is the Reverie collection by Melody Miller!

I knew I wanted a bold graphic design that would complement and show off the fabrics, but wasn't sure exactly what direction I wanted to take the design. I was in the paint store picking up a gallon of paint for our pantry makeover, and I found this paint chip collection that reminded me of the Reverie color palette:

And then I saw this:

I immediately became obsessed with interpreting this design into a quilt.

I used EQ8 to draw the blocks I was imagining, then printed out templates based on the components of the blocks. Here's my first block, along with an EQ8 printout of my design:

This design has a lot of very stretchy bias edges, and I have to admit, I wasn't being very careful with them. I didn't starch beforehand, and I definitely ironed more than pressed. The resulting design was just as I imagined it, but the quilt top was really... full. It didn't lay flat at all!

I knew I had to be careful about the quilting- I needed a very forgiving design that wouldn't create a lot of puckers, but that still looked good on the quilt. I settled on the Honeysuckle pantograph by The Quilting Mill.

I also found a sateen backing fabric from Ruby Star Society that I hoped would add a little more structure and stability.

It all seemed to work, and the resulting quilt is quite fluffy and cuddly!

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